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Since January 2011 HighQ-Factory, with locations in Eschau-Hobbach near Aschaffenburg, Munich and Klipphausen near Dresden, offers a revolutionary  Slurry-Recycling-system.

This process will bring you substantial savings in your production costs and, at the same time, contributes to environmental protection. Especially in the semiconductor and photovoltaic production process,  polishing processes, due to architecture,  are essential. Currently the consumed slurry-water mixture from the CMP processes is not reused, but either entirely discharged to the waste water treatment system or separately collected for water recovery purposes solely.


The innovative slurry recycling system turns this costly production step into a resource saving process.

The recycling plant we developed gives you the  possibility to filter the waste water slurry-mixture, released by the production process, and  recover the valuable slurry. The mixture passes through several, complex,  filtration steps and is split into its main components of water and slurry. Slurry and pure water can then be fed back to the CMP process.


The recycling rate of slurry and water is up to 85 percent.

Similar savings can be achieved for the production areas of BG/dicing, photovoltaics, environmental technology and electroplating. In the recycling process, of  HighQ-Factory GmbH, recycled slurry shows no loss of quality compared to fresh slurry. Due to the fact that the recycled product is constantly moving, during the recycling process, sedimentation cannot occur.

Another advantage of our slurry recycling plant is the elimination of high storage and transportation costs, while saving costs of water purification and waste water.

There are currently large production facilities for oxide, ceria and tungsten slurry installed and operated, at customer sites in Germany, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the U.S. New plants are being commissioned and expanded. In addition, we are working on new processes to recycle next generation slurry types.

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