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The HighQ-Factory GmbH offers its customers a comprehensive range of services. We employ highly skilled professionals who can advise you.


Worldwide Support:

Our engineers and service staff offer services to all supplied equipment, using advanced remote support technology. By hooking up the customer’s system to our service system, we can always keep track of all the relevant processes. If you have any questions or problems, we can offer quick, customer tailored, solutions.

Worldwide distribution of the slurry recycling plants:

After delivery of the system we install and start-up the system.  Due to this the system will be life in a very short period of time.

Fab Facility Service Optimization:

HighQ Factory helps its customers with the maintenance and operation of their facilities. In addition we regularly, and on request, carry out service calls
Due to our experience in the semiconductor industry, these services are done fast and effectively to ensure a smooth operation of  facilities.

Slurry analysis:

We offer not only particle analyzers (online), solids concentration measurements (process-and labor-sensitive), stability measurements, stability analysis and metal analysis, but also, in close cooperation with you the customer, implement these in your process. We can also analyze your existing production processes and propose options for optimization.vor.

Rental of pilot plants

Before you decide to purchase one of our slurry recycling plants, we offer you the opportunity to hire a pilot plant. The leased equipment can be integrated into the production process, and during the test mode you can decide, if the permanent installation of a slurry recycling facility is profitable for you. Our staff will gladly help.


Trade Fairs

HighQ-Factory puts emphasis on customer proximity. You can vistit us at the following trade fairs:

Trade Fairs


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