Patented recycling systems for the recovery of water and valuable raw materials

As the first company worldwide, HighQ-Factory produces recycling systems for the recovery of water and rare raw materials for industrial applications. Wherever liquids become contaminated with high-quality solids, separation, processing and reuse of all materials become more and more important.

To this end, we have developed a unique patented backflush process for the ultrafiltration modules: For the first time, this process allows the reprocessing of resources to be carried out efficiently and with absolute process reliability.

The advantage for our customers is obvious:


The patented backwash process of the ultrafiltration modules ensures a significantly higher efficiency of the recycling plant and long life-time of the filter elements.

Cost saving

The reuse of rare raw materials and water results in significant savings in the production process.


Rare raw materials are expensive and not available in unlimited quantities. Due to the reuse of these raw materials, your requirements are considerably reduced!

Protection of the environment

By reducing the consumption of valuable and non-renewable raw materials, you as a company actively contribute to protecting our environment.