About us

HighQ-Factory provides future-oriented and environmentally friendly process solutions in industry. As the first company worldwide, HighQ-Factory develops and produces patented recycling systems for the recovery of water and raw materials through an ultrafiltration process. Worldwide references show the successful and practical implementation of recycling solutions by HighQ-Factory.

Since 2016 HighQ-Factory has been part of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems. As a leading manufacturer of measurement and control systems, Bürkert employs about 2,500 people worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries and production facilities in more than 36 countries. Under the umbrella of Bürkert, HighQ-Factory is closely linked to the Fäth Group. As a globally active company, the Fäth Group is a leading brand in the development, production, installation, qualification and analysis of gas and chemical supply systems in the LED, photovoltaic and semiconductor industries. The Fäth Group employs more than 350 people worldwide.

Our partners at a glance:

Development, production and installation of gas and chemical supply systems

Manufacturing of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases

Certificates & Awards Innovation and quality are very important to us.

We are proud to be one of the most innovative companies in Saxony! On 02 Juli 2015, HighQ-Factory GmbH received the Saxonian Award for Innovation.

HighQ-Factory GmbH has been the first company worldwide to develop patented recycling systems. The patented backflush process of the ultrafiltration modules has led to a drastic increase in the service life of the high-cost filter elements. As a result, the filters no longer have to be replaced after a few days. They last for more than a year, thus increasing the cost efficiency of the system even further.

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As a certified company, we attach great importance to quality, safety, and functionality during the development and manufacture of our products. Both internally and externally, we are working with a consistent quality management system to semi-standards and on the basis of the following qualifications:

  • Quality management system to ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Modules A1 and B
  • OHRIS – Certificate (Occupational Health and Risk Managment System)
Quality management system according to ISO 9001 : 2015
Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Module A1 and B
OHRIS – Occupational Health and Risk-Managmentsystem

Social responsibility Values & Targets

Our Mission

We at HighQ-Factory are strongly committed to ensure the highest quality, the best service and the utmost safety for our customers and partners. Our business approach is focused on sustainable growth and the long-term prosperity of our company. Absolute reliability and responsibility with respect to our customers, partners and employees help us achieve our goals, while continuous improvement underlies our unending pursuit of excellence.

Our Fundamental Principles and Values


With our work, we aim to set standards for the highest quality at every level, as well as with our products, systems and services. We continue to raise and develop the high requirements we set for ourselves, and we attach great importance to innovation.


We communicate openly, directly and in a manner that is easy to understand. We take responsibility for our performance by regularly measuring and evaluating our practices, and by communicating the results internally and to our customers and partners.

Customers and Partners

Supporting our customers and partners in achieving the goals on their path to success is our highest priority. We maintain an open and professional dialogue with customers, partners and suppliers, setting great store in partnership and long-term relationships.


To protect people and the environment, we orient our working conditions, processes and modes of behaviour on relevant safety standards without compromise.


We strive for long-term working relationships with our employees. Our greatest resources are the skills of our experienced workers, and we strongly believe in continual training, education and qualification of the highest quality. Every employee experiences motivation and joy in their work through active participation in decision-making processes, and enjoys great perspectives in their professional and personal development.

Environmental Protection

Through our products, our focus is on making an active contribution to the protection of the environment. We configure our products, services and processes in an environmentally friendly manner, and ensure the effective use of material resources.

Career Your professional future with us

HighQ-Factory GmbH is part of the Fäth Group. With its staff of 400, the Group is a sought-after provider in Recycling and Plant Engineering for ultrapure media. We operate globally, starting from our work centres in Dresden and Munich in Germany and Penang in Malaysia.

We are a dynamic and successful organization: we set ourselves ambitious goals, and trust in the ability of our employees to proactively turn these goals into reality. In commercial as well as technical areas, we offer qualified employees attractive opportunities both at home and abroad .

This is what you can expect:

  • Exciting roles in development, engineering and project activities, as well as in administration and service
  • Responsibility for people and projects
  • The flexibility offered by a company of our size
  • Scope for creativity within an international company network

Whether you are sending us an unsolicited application or are applying for one of our advertised vacancies, we’re happy that you would like to be part of our dynamic team.

We look forward to receiving your detailed application documents, for example by e-mail at: personal@faeth.com

Current Job Vacancies

Our current job vacancies can be found at here.