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To our customers from the semiconductor market, we offer, apart from the products of the Fäth Group, a well-rounded product portfolio:

Recycling systems

Slurry analytics


Recycling systems

Recycling applications in the semiconductor industry are becoming increasingly important. In addition to protecting the environment and health, recycling helps to optimize production processes and reduce costs.

Functional Principle

Inside the system, the mixture of ultrapure water, slurry or other chemical materials passes through several filtration stages, separating the original raw materials and allowing them to be reused. The patented backflush process of the ultrafiltration modules has led to a drastic increase in the service life of the high-cost filter elements. As a result, the filters no longer have to be replaced after a few days. They last for more than a year, thus increasing the cost efficiency of the system even further.

This means:

For the first time, it has become possible to separate wastewater efficiently and economically into its main constituents. Up to 85 % of the slurry and 90 % of the ultrapure water can be recycled to the process. Recovered precious rare earths can be reused.

The advantages at a glance:

Process reliability

By reusing recovered raw materials, the high quality standards in the process are maintained and often even significantly improved.

Cost saving

The reuse of chemical raw materials and ultrapure water results in significant savings in the production process.

  • Significantly lower procurement costs for slurries
  • Elimination of high storage and transport costs
  • Savings in ultrapure water treatment
  • Reduction of wastewater costs


High-quality chemical raw materials are expensive and rare. Due to a recycling rate of up to 85%, this means that only 15% of the material has to be added again. This reduces the need considerably!

Environment & health

The use of the patented recycling systems makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment and health.

  • Harmful nanoparticles are filtered out of the wastewater and ensure significantly better water quality.
  • By reducing the consumption of valuable and non-renewable raw materials, important resources are saved.

Reusable materials:

  • Ultrapure water
  • Oxide slurries
  • Tungsten slurries (pilot phase)
  • Ceria slurries
  • Copper slurries
  • Lithium tantalate
  • Chemical solids

Material for download:

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Analytics for process, technology and environment

For the semiconductor industries, we offer comprehensive analytical services:

  • On-line particle measuring instruments
  • Process- and laboratory-compatible solid concentration measurements
  • Stability measurements
  • Durability analyses
  • Metal analyses
  • Analytics of conductance, pH, TOC, density

These comprehensive analytical methods for determining and monitoring process parameters and limits allows us to tune our recycling solutions perfectly to the customer’s operating requirements. We will be glad to assist you as early as during the planning stage and all the way to the optimization of existing systems.


Remote maintenance services

Our engineers and service employees provide all services for the systems delivered and installed by us, using the latest remote maintenance technology. By registering the customer’s system in our in-house system, we are able to track and check their work processes. Thus, in case of questions and problems, we can quickly find remedies and offer solutions tailored to the customer.

Maintenance services

HighQ-Factory GmbH will perform regular maintenance work on your recycling system upon request. Our many years of experience ensure that these services are performed effectively and reliably, thus guaranteeing flawless operation of the systems.